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Conservatory Style Feature: The Victorian Conservatory


In our post last week, we discussed about the Edwardian style conservatory. For this week, we will be writing about one of the most well-known conservatory styles across the United Kingdom, the Victorian style conservatory.



Just like the Edwardian style, the Victorian conservatory is also a period style conservatory. Today, this style is well suited in many kinds of homes and styles. It was revived a few decades before and is now considered as a top choice for homeowners who want to have a conservatory built. Let’s get to know more about its past to understand why it’s so loved today.


History of the Victorian Conservatory


Many years before, conservatories were mostly used for growing and sheltering special, exotic plants that needed enough sunlight and heat in the cold UK temperature, especially during winter. When Queen Victoria ruled over the country, the conservatories were transformed into ornate and intricate structures including the windows, doors, roof, and even the ridges.


During the reign of Queen Victoria, the conservatories used single glazed or a single layer of float glass and had brickwork to give it a more ‘solid’ look and feel.


Basic Features


There are a few basic characteristics that make the Victorian conservatory stand out from the rest. You can easily identify it once you saw these basic features:


· Elaborate design – Queen Victoria loved everything overly decorated and so even the conservatories had their own style, too. The roof and ridges had fancy decorations and is made in many styles. The interior of the conservatory also had designed features.


· 3-facet or 5-facet design – There are basically two kinds of styles for the Victorian conservatory, the 3-facet and the 5-facet design. The 3-facet Victorian conservatory has a bay at the front and has three main windows with different angles to create the best amount of space possible. The 5-facet Victorian conservatory, on the other hand, also has a bay front but has 5 main windows or sides. This creates a more subtle rounded look and pleasing period profile.


· High pitched roof – The high pitched roof of a Victorian conservatory has a rounded edge which gives people inside the conservatory an airy look with plenty of height. You can choose the number of facets you can install on your roof.


· Bay style front – the bay front style of this kind of conservatory is one of the easiest things to remember about it. This helps create a rounded shape and thus giving it elegance.


If you want to learn more about this special conservatory feature, feel free to browse through our website. Get a free Victorian conservatory quote from world-class companies around your area. Contact us today.

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