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Heating Your Conservatory with Double Glazing


Admittedly, snow is beautiful especially when you're in the inside looking out. However, when it gets cold in winter and it's almost impossible to enjoy the purity of snow through a glass roof because it’s too cold in your conservatory, snow turns into just a terrible reminder of the cold (not to mention all that shoveling) that winter brings.



Although there are various means of insulating your conservatory, the first and most important thing to insulate should be the glass panels as these are what conservatories are mostly made up of. And what could be the best in insulating your glass panels than double glazing?


Double Glazing


Double glazing is two panes separated by a millimeter-wide space filled with a spacer, which can either be silica balls or an inert gas like Argon. The spacer is not only an inhibitor, which minimises heat transfer between the indoors and the outdoors, but also a drying agent, which eliminates condensation and moisture build-up in the space between the panes. This means that while improving the heat retention of your conservatory, it is also almost maintenance-free where wiping your panels clear is concerned.


Benefits of Double Glazing


Aside from being an effective heat insulator, double glazing can also insulate sound. Unlike single panes, double panes are more efficient in keeping out noise so you can have peace and quiet in your conservatory even when the children are playing in the garden. Double glazed panels are also made out of toughened or laminated glass, which are thicker than glass used in single paned panels. This means leaks, draughts, and break-ins will never be significant problems in your conservatory.


If there's one letdown of having this efficient insulator, double glazing prices can be a heavy burden to some homeowners, which is why the Green Deal and grants offered by some local councils can help lessen the blow of double glazing prices on the savings of some homeowners. No matter the amount, however, the benefits that homeowners can gain by having double glazing can play down the upfront costs of purchasing it.

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