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Wooden Flooring

Conservatory - wooden floor Wooden flooring for conservatories and your home can provide you with the perfect flooring to suit your individual needs and requirements.It’s living, breathing natural wood material that will last a lifetime. Little wonder it’s become the most popular natural floor covering-nothing else can compare. Unlike thin plastic laminates, wooded flooring is warm and extremely durable, and with just a little basic care, will last for decades. You’ll get the very best in hardwood wooded flooring – 100% genuine timber .Conservatory wooden flooring can provide you with the perfect flooring to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Wooden Flooring

It’s living, breathing natural material that will last a lifetime. Little wonder it’s become the most popular natural floor covering for conservatories nothing else can compare. Unlike thin plastic laminates, wooden flooring is warm and extremely durable, and with just a little basic care, will last for decades. You’ll get the very best in hardwood wooden flooring – 100% genuine timber. It’s beautiful, natural and enduring – today, tomorrow and for a lifetime.
Easy to clean, hygienic and non-allergenic
 The ultimate choice in timbers – sourced from every corner of the globe, then made in Germany
 Complete peace of mind with our up to 25 year manufacturer guarantee
 Professional installations by trained expert craftsmen
 Children and family friendly – no retention of grime or dirt
 A floor that lasts a lifetime and gets even more beautiful with age
 Comfort and practicability – warm in winter, cool in summer – you’ll just want to take your shoes off the feel it.
Hardwood timbers are scorched from around the world to ensure that our customers get the ultimate in choice. With the UK's widest range of timbers spanning over 150 selections - from the palest cream of Ash to the deepest brown of Walnut - you are sure to find the perfect floor, one that will match your individual style, décor and lighting.
Wooden flooring has its own individual character with a natural beauty that never dates. Over the years your floor will mature and the colours will deepen with increasing richness and depth. Conservatory - Wooden Floor.
Wooden flooring is only made from hardwood timber sourced from renewable resources via rigorously managed and sustainable forests. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that by choosing wooden flooring for your home you are actively helping to preserve and maintain our environment.
 A FREE, no obligation Home Design Consultation
 UK’s widest choice of timbers – modern stylish maple to favorite traditional oak, over 150 choices
 Hassle free – installed pre-finished and ready to walk-on
 Professional installations by trained craftsman
 Extensive aftercare and maintenance program
 Choice of finishes – silk lacquer or natural oils
 Up to 25 year guarantee for complete peace of mind
Our wealth of experience, passion for wood and commitment to quality goes into every single wooden floor we install. Our customer service team is here to guide you through the process and ensure that every customer is satisfied.

Wooden Flooring Home Delivery Service

A trained Wood flooring designer will visit you in your home with large samples of our floors. During this free Home Design Service, we will discuss your requirements and advise you on all areas of design and practicality.
Conservatory - wooden floor Your wood flooring will be designed to last for many years so the choice of wood is utmost importance. Décor and furnishings may change over the years, so the timber species should be chosen with this in mind. Our wooden flooring is suitable for use in all homes with either concrete or wooden subfloors.
Our designers only work with real wood, so they understand the various species, grains and finishes available and will work with you to ensure that you get the perfect floor to suit your individual needs and requirements.
The Home Design Service is completely free and without obligation. It ensures that we fully understand your needs and desires and gives you the opportunity to ask questions.

Wooden Flooring Pricing

Our pricing is as bespoke as your wooden floor. As every home is quite different in size, shape, layout, with features such as doorways, radiators, stairs etc, and the vast choice of timbers available, our pricing is carefully structured to take all this into account. Our costings are precisely dovetailed to reflect the above, combined with your own personal needs, requirements and budget.
This is why customers prefer to see the choices of timbers in their own home to ensure their choices complement furniture, décor, room design and ambient light.

Wooden Flooring Survey

Once you have placed your order, we arrange for one of our qualified flooring surveyors to visit your home and undertake a pre-installation floor survey.
The surveyor will inspect your current floor, reconfirm sizes and quantities, agree all the required specific trims, beading's, radiator pipe collars, thresholds etc., and produce a survey plan for the installation team.
Uneven floor areas are noted so they can be smoothed prior to installation and any particular little quirks or peculiarities individual to your job will be detailed on this report, ready for smooth handover to the installation department.
As every home is different, our survey ensures that once fitted your wooden flooring will be durable and serviceable for many years to come.

Wooden Flooring Installation

Conservatory - wooden floor All wooden floors are installed by skilled craftsmen. That's why we can offer our comprehensive guarantees. Dependant on size, installation is normally completed in just one to two days with minimal fuss, mess or dust.
Your installation team will fit special underlay's to practically eliminate movement and sound transmission.
The end result is a complete transformation - the very best in hardwood flooring - beautiful, natural and enduring.

After – Sales

Our wood flooring is designed to last a lifetime. In fact, we are so confident, that we offer an up to 25 year guarantee for complete peace of mind.
A little care is all that is required to ensure a long life for your floor. We offer a comprehensive after-care support package, full advice literature on how to care for your new floor, and can provide everything you need - from easy care cleaning kits, to protective furniture pads and castors.

Superb Craftsmanship

All our hardwood flooring is produced by our German manufacturing partners using the most advance computerised laser technology available today. Like Mercedes-Benz and BMW, German production quality is renowned worldwide. Uniquely, at 15mm thick, our flooring exceeds the coveted and exacting German DIN 280/5 standard, the industry recognised benchmark for top quality German flooring.
All the wood is kiln dried carefully and uniformly draw moisture from the wood in a controlled process until the optimum level of drying is achieved.
The hardwood top of our floors is finished to a solid uniform thickness-enough to allow up to 5 sanding's! With domestic use in mind, the top-layer of hardwood is fully sealed with up to 6 coats of formaldehyde-free acrylic lacquer; each cost UV hardened and strictly checked.
Natural wood, whether hardwood or softwood, expands and contracts according to temperature and atmospheric humidity. The engineered multi-layer design was invented nearly fifty years ago in Sweden to counteract this movement problem.
This unique construction method, places a core at right angles to the top and bottom layers, optimising the superb properties of the natural wood. Movement is practically eliminated, delivering maximum stability and durability.
Conservatory - wooden floor The central core is of essential importance to your floor's stability, providing critical balance to the top and bottom layers. Whilst a little more expensive, we insist on using a slow growing ¼ cut Arctic Spruce core, unlike the cheap troublesome plywood or MDF cores commonly used by some foreign producers.
Alternatively, we can offer an exclusive oiled finish, bringing out a deeper lustre to the natural graining of the woods. Based on natural vegetable oils, the floors are double coated and air dried.
These finishes protect the hardwood surface and ensure that your floor remains beautiful, even after years of family use.
Finally, the boards are tightly packaged and shrunk wrapped ready to be installed in your home.
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