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DIY Conservatories

Diy Conservatories We have listed below a few reasons why people purchase Diy Conservatories:
"We had a limited budget and found that Diy conservatories would be an ideal solution. When it was completed all of our friends and family thought our Diy conservatory was very professionally finished and looked fabulous and has given us years of pleasure, and without any problems. I would advise anybody with a budget to look at Diy conservatories. All Diy conservatories kits arrive with full and easy to follow instructions but if you have a problem you can always call your supplier."
A pretty cottage provides the setting for this beautiful Diy conservatory with ornate ridge cresting top hung windows and French doors opening out onto the patio and open fields beyond. Diy conservatories are manufactured in many designs in white uPVC or wood effect.
"I am good at Diy and have carried out various building projects around the house including building a garage. Therefore it was obvious for me to look at Diy conservatories. It took about a week to build the base and two weeks to erect the conservatory. Although it was hard work the finish was very pleasing plus I saved money, which was important to us as we had a limited budget. I did have a few construction problems but our supplier told me what to do and all was well. I enjoyed the challenge of building the Diy conservatory, which I now look at with pride."
Diy Conservatories
Conservatories should reflect the structural design of the house and materials used. Diy conservatories with a lean-to attachment offers an easy design solution for any house. Conservatories like this can be used as a dining room and sun lounge. French doors open out onto steps taking you to a lower level then onto the garden. Diy conservatories can be manufactured in uPVC golden oak as above, mahogany and white.
"My wife and I are keen gardeners and the thought of Diy conservatories appealed to us. We had designed the garden between us then thought of a conservatory so we could enjoy the garden whatever the weather or time of year.
"However our biggest problem was that we are both at work and have only the weekend to ourselves so we employed a bricklayer to construct the base and a local carpenter to erect the Diy conservatory, which left us to finish off the decoration. We saved money plus, we have a beautiful timber conservatory, which our friends enjoy."
A beautiful 1920's house provides the backdrop to this white uPVC combination Diy conservatory. Resulting in a decorative yet functional room with 2 pair or French doors opening out onto the patio and gardens beyond.

How Much Money Can I Save?

Diy Conservatories Literally thousands, but you must remember that some Diy conservatories may not have the same specifications as a company who only supplies and fits. Remember you get what you pay for. Our advice is if possible purchase the highest specification you can afford, as this will service you well.
You can purchase many types of Diy conservatories from under a thousand pounds to as much as you wish, dependent on size and specification. But remember this will not include the base or base materials and this should be added in when budgeting for your project. However, some suppliers do offer finance.

Ok that sounds good, but can I build it?

Providing you are good at diy there is no reason why not (just think of the money your saving.) All Diy conservatories are delivered with full installation instructions plus a help line just in case you have a problem. The conservatory base is quite easy to construct should you wish to read more on this visit our Diy Conservatory Base Construction page.

What Specification Should I Go For?

As we mentioned before, if possible go for the highest you can afford. Let's give you a few examples:
Diy Conservatories Roof Material
All Diy conservatories will have roofs that will either have polycarbonate or glass fitted between the rafters.
Scale 1 - 10mm Twin Wall - Minimum specification with low sound and heat insulation.
Scale 2 - 16mm 3 or 5 Wall - Fairly good specification with medium sound and heat insulation.
Scale 3 - 25mm 3 or 5 Wall - Very good specification with good heat and sound insulation.
Scale 1 - Glass 4-6 mm - Single glazing minimum specification with low sound and heat insulation.
Scale 2 - Double Glazed sealed units with good sound and heat insulation.
Scale 3 - Double Glazed sealed units with K glass with very good heat and sound insulation.

Roof Ventilation

Always consider roof vents as the roof canopy is the first part of the conservatory that will start to warm with solar gain from the sun so you can see why this is important. However we do not advise the round solar roof fans as these can malfunction.

Diy Conservatories keeping them cool

Ventilation is very important otherwise all Diy conservatories will become a bit of a hot house. We would suggest that at least 20% of the floor area should be opening window and door openings and should be so positioned to achieve cross ventilation. You also might like to consider conservatory blinds to reflect the suns rays these are made to measure so you can be assured that they will fit all Diy conservatories, for more information follow this link to conservatory blinds.

Finishing touches to Diy conservatories

Now you have built your prize conservatory it you will need something to sit the wife on, now she has done the cleaning up for you!!! Visit our conservatory furniture page there you will find a superb range of fabrics and styles.
To complement your conservatory you may thinking how to finish the floor, why not see the latest in conservatory flooring designs you can view this by visiting our conservatory flooring page.
Click for information on Conservatory Blinds.
Click for information on DIY Conservatory Base Construction.
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