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Conservatories Some Good Ideas

Conservatory good ideasOver the years we have gained vast experience in conservatories and are pleased to pass this information onto you our readers to help you make the right decision when purchasing your conservatory.


Conservatories How Best to Pay For Them

Funding of conservatories, approximately 70% of people who purchase conservatories borrow from a bank, building society others use savings. We would suggest that building societies offer the lowest interest rates for borrowing and are well worth perusing but have a good look around to get the best deal.

Conservatory Designs

Look through our conservatories design pages to see what design of conservatory catches your eye before you meet with any conservatory company. One important thing to remember, the conservatory should blend in and be in keeping with the style with your house and not dominate the rear of the house.

Conservatory - good idea Conservatory - bad idea


What size of Conservatory?

Firstly what do you require the conservatory for? Perhaps a dining room where you may wish to consider a wide conservatory of an approximate size say 5 mt's x 3.5 mt's so you can place a table across the conservatory and enjoy the garden views when entertaining, or something smaller say 3 mt's x 3 mt's with some comfortable conservatory cane furniture to relax to read the Sunday papers and having an afternoon nap, if you would like to view some conservatory furniture visit our conservatory furniture page fantastic promotional discounts up to 40%.
Marking out the outside of your conservatory is always a good idea so you can see how big it will be. Set out this area with garden canes or string lines, then put some garden furniture in this area to represent your proposed furniture layout, this should give you some idea of how big the conservatory will be and you can see how much garden it will take up. This will help you decide on how big your conservatory will need to be. Also it will help you deciding on your patio and landscaping arrangements.

What conservatory design is best?

uPVC Conservatory Indoor View When considering a design always think width not projection, see the conservatory below, this will enable you to place a table across the width of your upvc conservatory so you will be able to view the Garden or arrange your furniture to take full advantage of the garden views. To see the latest conservatory designs just visit our conservatory design page. The Position of French doors is dependent upon design of the conservatory. French doors positioned to the front of the conservatory work very well especially when fully open on a sunny day when the lawn has just been cut, better than any Airwick! However, you may wish to consider doors to the side of the conservatory allowing furniture to be placed around the front of the conservatory therefore giving access to the side path or patio the choice is yours.

Position of conservatory

If your conservatory faces north you should be okay during summer as your house will give shade to the conservatory. But winter it may be cold as it will not get a high degree of solar gain so you may wish consider 25 mm Pilkington K Glass and argon filled seal units to give a high degree of insulation. Read more information on conservatory insulation. Like wise south facing conservatories will be very bright and warm in the summer and will require a high degree of ventilation, i.e. roof vents and low level opening windows. Consider fitting conservatory blinds will give your conservatory an air of elegance, plus helping to keep your conservatory cool and prevent the sun's glare. You will be surprised how bright it is in your conservatory when the sun is out and how conservatory blinds can help. To read more on conservatory blinds visit our conservatory blinds page.
Conservatories and the quality of workmanship
Before placing your order for your conservatory it is always a good idea to ask to see some of their previous work and speak to one or two of their clients.
Ask if they kept to the original price or was there extra work, if so at what cost?
Did they complete the work on time and was the site clean and tidy?

DIY Conservatories

If you have a budget you may wish to consider purchasing a diy conservatory, they arrive with full easy to follow instructions but if you have a problem you can always call your supplier.
DIY Conservatories This pretty cottage provides the setting for this beautiful hardwood diy conservatory with ornate ridge cresting top hung windows and French doors opening out onto the garden.



Conservatory Flooring

How to finish your conservatory floor can be a bit daunting, one finish you may consider is conservatory wooden flooring, real wooden flooring. It's living, breathing natural material that will last a lifetime. Little wonder it's become the most popular natural floor covering-nothing else can compare.
Conservatory wooden flooring Unlike thin plastic laminates, wooden flooring is warm and extremely durable, and with just a little basic care, will last for decades. You'll get the very best in wooden flooring - 100% genuine hardwood timber. It's beautiful, natural and enduring - today, tomorrow and for a lifetime.
To read more on wooden flooring for your conservatory visit our conservatory flooring

The cost conservatories

The cost of all conservatories will be dependent upon size, design and material. What type of conservatory? A uPVC conservatory or hardwood conservatory? Roof Polycarbonate or glass? Whatever purchase the best quality that you can afford as it will serve you well over the years that you own it. In other words, you pay for what you get. Why not get a quotation from one of your local conservatory companies.

Conservatories and Guarantees

Guarantees are always very important. In general your conservatory guarantee should be for a period of not less than 10 years and should cover the entire conservatory including locks and handles etc. If you are dealing with a small company this should be underwritten by an insurance company but this only comes into operation if the company goes bust.
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Conservatory Building


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Conservatory Cane


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Conservatory Planning


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DIY Conservatories


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Conservatory Wooden


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