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Hardwood Timber Conservatories

Hardwood Conservatories An alternative to uPVC conservatories is Hardwood conservatories. Perhaps you live in a listed building or a conservation area where planning requires you to have a Hardwood conservatory or perhaps you would like something different, to match your life style. A prestigious Hardwood conservatory will certainly provide this and more. Designs wise, you can have any design of conservatory you wish remembering it’s best for the conservatory to complement your property.
Conservatories are often referred to as Victorian conservatories or Edwardian conservatories, well sorry to disappoint you but the Victorians never had conservatories resembling current designs. These are adopted names we use today that’s why today's conservatory are referred to as Victorian conservatories or Edwardian conservatories.
A Hardwood conservatory would have been built by the Victorians for the growing of seeds and plants brought back from the tropics. Today Hardwood conservatories are very high tech and are used as a room to live in 52 weeks of the year.
Whether you are looking for a Hardwood conservatory to create additional living space or wish to relax and enjoy the ever changing seasons of Mother Nature from the warmth and comfort from your Hardwood conservatory. We hope you will find a design you like.
Maybe you live in an architectural designed property and you would like a Hardwood conservatory to reflect this.
To assist you in choosing your Hardwood conservatory we have provided you with some various designs to view.
Hardwood Conservatories Firstly we would suggest that you write down what you would like to use the conservatory for as this will have a bearing on the design of the conservatory, the elevation of the house where you wish the conservatory to be built e.g. rear elevation facing the lawn and the orientation i.e. north south east or west as this will have a influence on conservatory blinds, type of glass, heating and ventilation as your conservatory designer will discuss this with you.
Hardwood conservatories should be designed with the use in mind. Lets take a design that would be suitable for entertaining / dining area a Victorian combination is ideal. The width of the conservatory is important as it will allow a table to be placed across the conservatory looking into the garden, this will permit you to sit at the table and view the garden from the conservatory and the other part of the conservatory for after dinner coffee. There are many reasons for having a Hardwood conservatory. The main reason for a Hardwood conservatory is to provide a link between the house and the garden. Nothing contributes more to the overall look and valve of your home than a beautiful Hardwood conservatory.
Victorian Hardwood Conservatories This Victorian conservatory blends well with this property, the conservatory windows have an extra section to give additional height with Georgian bars matching the house. The conservatory has a 600 mm base wall in matching brickwork.
The interior of the conservatory has been left to a rustic finish with conservatory furniture comprising of 6 chairs and a table, should you wish to view some examples of conservatory furniture please follow this link…
Specialist conservatory blinds have been fitted to the conservatory to ensure the conservatory stays cool. To read more on conservatory blinds follow this link to conservatory blinds.
The construction of a Hardwood conservatory itself is normally from good quality Hardwoods from sustainable forests and at present still remains a relatively easy to obtain. However, there are many types of Hardwood suitable for conservatory construction to choose from such as oak.
White painted hardwood conservatory with glass roofRight is a fine example of a White painted Hardwood conservatory with lantern, the conservatory windows have added height with Georgian bars The conservatory windows open to allow good ventilation the 600 mm base wall has cream painted bricks with a dark gray plinth below gives elegance to this Hardwood conservatory, the glass to the roof is tinted and has conservatory blinds.
The interior of the conservatory has been left to a plaster finish, with conservatory cane furniture comprising of 4 chairs and a table, should you wish to view some examples of conservatory furniture please follow this link…
The floor is tiled in terra cotta flag stones which set off this magnificent Hardwood conservatory.

Mahogany Hardwood Conservatories

Below is a Crown Top conservatory in mahogany, with a 600 mm base wall in stock bricks and French doors opening onto the patio. The conservatory window frames are top opening. Conservatories of this quality have glass roofs with roof ventilators. Note the flat glazed area to the top with a cresting this is where the name conservatory crown top originates from.
Crown top mahogany Hardwood conservatory with glass roof
Conservatory blinds have been fitted to ensure the conservatory stays cool. To read more on conservatory blinds follow this link to conservatory blinds.
The interior of the conservatory has been left to a fully plastered finish with skirting; power points for conservatory panel heaters.
The floor finish is terra cotta and enhances the Hardwood conservatory, should you wish to view examples of wooden flooring for conservatories follow this link to wooden flooring for conservatories.
Follow this link to Hardwood conservatories for more Hardwood conservatory designs.


Oak Hardwood Conservatories

Oak will not only last for centuries, but will also grow even more attractive as it weathers and ages. What more suitable material could there be for your Hardwood conservatory? Individually designed Hardwood conservatories like the conservatory opposite are constructed from naturally-seasoned oak: and can be built in any design to suit your requirements and blend in with your home
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