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Conservatory Info

Compare cheap conservatories prices from local conservatory companies, designs, advice on all types  conservatories inc Diy conservatories, see our conservatory gallery for  the latest designs, conservatories for bungalows, houses and apartments plus you can get cheap conservatories prices with us using our on-line quick quote service.


Perhaps you are thinking of having a conservatory, and are concerned about planning permission because of its location. See our conservatory planning permission guide, or maybe you are thinking of a large conservatory and are concerned about building regulations for your conservatory, this is discussed under conservatory building regulations.


are the most and popular of all and are suitable for bungalows and houses. Conservatories can be very cost effective when used as an extension. This conservatory has a self cleaning energy efficient glass to the roof and windows. French doors to the side and cavity insulated walls, make this conservatory a pleasure to own. To find out how much this conservatory would cost on your house click Quotation now. Prices of conservatories have never been so affordable.

will give you that added space as they do not have 45 deg corners like Victorian conservatories. This modern, Edwardian conservatory, has open space, is light-filled plus at an affordable price, with energy efficient glass, insulated walls and floor make this conservatory a joy to own To find out how much this conservatory would cost click Quotation now. Prices of conservatories have never been so affordable

with their large front give dramatic use of light and space This conservatory built onto a bungalow, has energy efficient self cleaning solar glass, keeps clean and cool in summer French doors to the side give easy access to the garden. To find out how much this conservatory would cost on your house click Quotation now. Prices of conservatories have never been so low.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast and fancy building a DIY conservatory we have a dedicated DIY conservatory section with information on uPVC conservatories, Hardwood conservatories, including how to build a conservatory base.

A stylish Victorian conservatory, Edwardian conservatory or perhaps a Regency conservatory? Don’t know what design. Just visit our DIY conservatory design page you’ll be surprised what’s available.

So if you have a couple of mates who are tradesmen you can save £1000's here, be it an uPVC conservatory or a hardwood conservatory we have all the answers.

What sun blinds are suitable for your conservatory? You have a conservatory but it's too hot or too bright in sunlight? don't worry; we can assist you there as well as there are some fantastic deals to be had.


There are many types of conservatory blinds available, some for reflecting the heat and some for reducing the suns glare. Solar R reflect up to 85% of the sun's energy away from your conservatory.


View our range of conservatory blinds and see our fabulous range of fabrics and designs, which fit all conservatory designs. Don't be confused as to what conservatory blinds to have, just request a conservatory sun blind designer to call you, and discuss your requirements.

Looking for affordable conservatory furniture?

Perhaps you have a conservatory and are thinking about how to furnish it. Today there are many types of furniture suitable for your conservatory; you can chose from traditional conservatory furniture to fabric or leather furniture for your conservatory. Visit our conservatory furniture page and view the various types and designs or request your conservatory furniture brochure.

You can choose your dream conservatory furniture, have it delivered to your home and try it out without paying a penny.

Wooden flooring for your conservatory can provide you with the perfect flooring, and will compliment any conservatory type be it an upvc conservatory or hardwood conservatory.

Real wooden flooring is a natural material that will last a lifetime. Little wonder it's the most popular natural floor for any conservatory, nothing else can compare Hardwood flooring is warm and extremely durable, and with just a little basic care, like your conservatory will last for decades. Visit our conservatory flooring page and read more. Get the very best wooden flooring your conservatory deserves it.

24 months interest free credit available subject to status, written details on request.

Design Your Own Conservatory

Design Your Own Conservatory

Conservatory Info the UK’s No.1 site for online conservatories prices.
Conservatory Deals

Conservatory Deals

Get the most competitive online deals being offered from 3 certified conservatory companies in your local area.
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Compare Prices

From local approved accredited companies. Save up to 65% off on UK's most extensive range of designs and finishes.



Submit your details we will call you and discuss your conservatory requirements and get you 3 conservatory quotes from local companies ... more on conservatory quotes.



Simply click on the thumbnails to view uPVC conservatory and Hardwood conservatory designs ... more on conservatory designs.

Conservatory Building


Read up to date information on current conservatory building regulations ... more on conservatory building regulations.



Conservatory blinds may be required to shade you from the glare of the sun, and help to provide a high degree of privacy. Conservatory blind brochures, quotations and information available ... more on conservatory blinds.

Conservatory Cane


Looking for quality inexpensive conservatory furniture? Look no further Conservatory Info is the webs definitive guide for all your conservatory cane furniture requirements. More on conservatory cane furniture

Conservatory Planning


A guide to local authorities conservatory planning permission requirements ... more on conservatory planning permission

DIY Conservatories


All you wanted to know about a DIY conservatory but did not know who to ask. Lots of information on DIY conservatory designs and how to build the DIY conservatory base ... more on diy conservatories.

Conservatory Wooden


Wooden flooring for your conservatory can provide you with the perfect flooring, and will compliment any conservatory type be it an upvc or hardwood conservatory... more on conservatory wooden flooring.

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