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Do You Need a Recession Fix? Build a Conservatory


The government will be announcing new ways that involve residents to solve the current economic situation – by building conservatories. Well, not exactly through conservatories but basically, through home improvement.


Prime Minister David Cameron with Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, will be announcing a new range of initiatives that are set to encourage economic recovery through home improvement projects.


Homeowners will now have more freedom in having home renovations done since the existing planning development rules will be adjusted. Over 200,000 planning permission applications are received by local councils for home improvements such as conservatories, garage conversions, and rear extensions. These applications costs at around £150 and professional fees that would cost thousands are another thing homeowners need to worry about.


By next month, the new temporary rules will be enacted and many homeowners will no longer require planning permission before having their home improvements started. However, these temporary rules will be limited up to 2015.


So how does this help the economy?


According to Cameron, these new rules will encourage a home improvement boom that will give life to the current struggling economy. Businesses and other commercial establishments will even be allowed to extend their property by 100 metres and industrial units twice as much, all without planning permission.


Both the Prime Minster and Deputy Prime Minister said in a joint statement: “The Government means business in delivering plans to help people. Build new homes and kick-start the economy.


“We’re determined to cut through the bureaucracy that holds us back.”


They also added: “That starts with getting the planners off our backs. Getting behind the businesses that have the ambition to expand. And meeting the aspirations of families that want to buy or improve a home.”


Reactions from Britons


While this may be a great idea for people who sincerely want to have a new conservatory for their home since they no longer need to go through planning permission in order to carry out their dream renovation, many people have criticized the way these newly adjusted regulations were presented.


One blog post from Anna Racoon clearly expressed her feelings for this change and what she thought of the people behind it. Having a new home improvement project simply isn’t a brilliant way to boost the economy. Other people have also stated their critical opinions about it.


If you were to think about it, do you think building a new conservatory for your home could improve the current situation of our economy?

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