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uPVC Conservatories

uPVC Conservatory Our conservatory range shows many uPVC conservatory designs, including examples of a Victorian uPVC conservatories, Edwardian uPVC conservatories, traditional uPVC conservatories, P shape uPVC conservatories, Gullwing uPVC conservatories and bespoke uPVC conservatories. A perfect way to create additional living space to your home.
If you are a budding diy enthusiast we have the right diy conservatory for you.

What is uPVC?

uPVC Conservatory A uPVC conservatory may also be known as PVC, pvc-u, or a plastic conservatory.
The most used material in conservatory manufacture is uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (ridged plastic), also referred to as vinyl in America. The general reason that uPVC is used today in 100,000 of applications including upvc conservatory manufacture, is because uPVC is a thermoplastic a substance that loses its shape when heated and then becomes ridged again as it cools. Heat shapes uPVC into countless useful forms, so is easy to produce uPVC conservatory extrusions, which forms the upvc conservatory on the right.
Where additional strength is required the uPVC is reinforced with aluminium or other metals e.g. an upvc conservatory roof, upvc conservatory frames or doors. In some non-structure areas the uPVC is strong enough to support its weight e.g. some window frames.
Your uPVC conservatory may be finished in one of the following options:
White uPVC Conservatory White uPVC Conservatories
uPVC conservatories in white with a glass roof and French doors is one of the most popular and is very cost effective.

Mahogany uPVC ConservatoryMahogany uPVC Conservatories
This uPVC conservatory finished in dark red Mahogany, with raised wood grain effect. This effect is a special film, which is applied in the factory under supervised conditions.


Golden Oak uPVC Conservatory Golden Oak uPVC Conservatories 
This example of an uPVC Conservatory in Golden Oak blends in very well with this bungalow, the finish is a light yellow oak colour with raised wood grain effect. As with a mahogany uPVC conservatory, a special film is applied.


Most common questions asked about uPVC conservatories

Q. Can I have conservatory furniture in my conservatory without it fading?
A. Yes, providing the furniture is not in direct sun light. We would suggest that you have blinds fitted or perhaps use a throw on any bright fabrics: visit our conservatory furniture page to read more on conservatory furniture.
Q. A friend of mine told me not to have wooden flooring in my conservatory is he correct?
A. There is no reason why you should not have wooden flooring in your conservatory, conservatory flooring is manufactured from many different types of timber from managed forests and is fully guaranteed not to twist warp or rot. Read more and view some installations of conservatory flooring.
Q. Do uPVC Conservatories Discolour?
A. Providing the uPVC used on your conservatory is of good quality e.g. Rehau, Veka, Synseal, Spectus you should not encounter any discolouration. Reputable uPVC conservatory suppliers will warrant against this happening.
Q. Do I have to clean my uPVC conservatory as I am told that it's maintenance free?
A. Yes, you will need to clean your uPVC conservatory, when you hear its maintenance free, what is meant is that you don’t have to paint it; your uPVC conservatory will require cleaning and the locks and hinges oiled from time to time, bit like your car.
Q. I am thinking of having a conservatory built onto the back of my house which is south facing, I will need some form of shading?
A. Yes I expect you will. There are various ways to address this situation: If you are considering polycarbonate roof covering you may consider having Opal which reflect some of the suns ray away and help to reduce the solar gain from the sun, will help protect you and your furniture from the sun rays, and will help to keep your conservatory looking light even on a dull day, the other advantage is at night the opal roof will reflect the light from your lighting fittings back into your conservatory.
On the other hand if you are having a glass roof you may find that on a bright summer’s day the conservatory may be too bright or to hot to sit in. If this is that case I would suggest you consider having solar reflective blinds fitted. For more information on conservatory blinds visit our conservatory blind page
Q. I have a limited budget and would like to add a small conservatory to my property please could you advise me what course to take?
A. You don’t mention what your budget is, however, now’s the time to get some very good deals on a uPVC conservatory. The cheapest way to add a conservatory to your home is to purchase a diy conservatory providing you are a good diy enthusiast or know a couple of friends in the building industry you can literary save thousands of pounds, to read more on diy conservatories visit our diy conservatory page.
Q. I am considering having a conservatory built onto the back of my bungalow but it will be near to a road that runs down the side of my property, I have been told that I need planning permission is this correct?
A. Yes, by what you describe you will need to obtain planning permission, but don’t worry as around 60% of conservatories built needed planning permission. This is normally carried out by the conservatory company. For more information on conservatory planning permission visit our conservatory planning page
Q. I live in a conservation area, is there any restrictions of having a conservatory built onto my bungalow?
A. Yes there will be certain restrictions. My experience has found it is best to discuss this with the conservation officer, as the criteria may differ from one area to another. One of the restrictions tends to be for the conservatory to be built in wood with a glass roof. For more information on hardwood conservatories see our hardwood conservatory page.
Please e-mail any further questions you may have to David Browne at who will be pleased to answer them.
Please bookmark this page so that you can return easily for more information.

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